Whatever the discipline or level, the practice of sport often brings the body to its mechanical and physiological limits, which requires maximum adaptability.

Surveillance and prevention help to avoid any imbalance which, amplified by muscular effort, could compromise their performance.

The chiropractor acts on several levels:

Expert in the analysis of the posture, the chiropractor will detect all that can cause an imbalance in the sportsman (sprained badly, flat foot, fulcrum ...).

Thanks to its action on neuromuscular imbalances and the flexibility it gives to the joints, chiropractic treatment allows the body to adapt safely to the efforts that are required.

By working on the spine and limiting the neuro-physiological disorders related to the organ, chiropractic contributes to the increase of the performance, to relieve the pain related to the overuse of certain articulations or muscles, and to allow a better recovery after the effort.

This allows to leave room for relaxation, comfort and pleasure in the practice of sport.

All these athletes have something in common, beyond their outstanding athletic performance. All entrust their work tool, their body, to the expert hands of a chiropractor.

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