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Young children

Let's say, our child is a sacred "daredevil", it results in a consequence of perpetual microtrauma in the joints that eventually can disrupt the growth of our child, so it is advisable to regularly monitor at least once a year to your chiropractor.


It is a turning point for all: parents, friends and teenagers. Regarding the latter physical and psychological changes are important, adult life begins to take its course.

Why do you have to look at your child?

At this age, our child often has to do with our words, he is not always very well aware of his body, even if he wants to cut him out of his limits.


It is also the age of college, high school see for some of the university, the teenager is preparing his future and stress is very important.

Another element to be closely watched by parents: scoliosis, because it is often silent, asymptomatic and especially idiopathic: no particular cause in 80% of cases.

The chiropractor helps adolescents by treating: vertebral subluxations and restrictions of joint mobility, consequences of too rapid growth.

Posturological and nutritional tips will also be brought.

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