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Chiropractic and Physiotherapy: Complementary or Not?
Two different but complementary professions!

The physiotherapist specializes in functional rehabilitation and rehabilitation through massage and other appropriate means. The duration of studies is three years after the baccalaureate. The degree is recognized but does not include training in spinal manipulation or differential diagnosis. The physiotherapist is not a therapist of first intention, that is why you will need a prescription delivered by your doctor before any support.


The chiropractor is a first-line practitioner specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of mechanical pathologies of the neuro-musculoskeletal system and their consequences. The duration of studies is 6 years after the baccalaureate. The diploma is recognized. Its exercise is legalized and regulated.


At Advanced Chiropractic we pride ourselves in working with other health care practitioners to give you the best care.

What is the Cracking?
The chiropractic act, while impressing, is painless. A slight crackling sound, also called cavitation (video) that can sometimes appear during manipulation may surprise or cause a fear of pain, but, rest assured: It is actually only an air bubble created naturally in the joint during its tensioning, and exploding by a depressurization phenomenon at the moment of the impulse given by the chiropractor.

This is a normal physiological phenomenon and not painful, and occurring spontaneously every day (for example: crouching knees crouching): it is therefore not in any case a broken bone sound, unlike what could some beliefs suggest?
Nevertheless, if the "crack" scares you all the same, do not hesitate to report it. We will find together a technique adapted to your case.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Many patients experience considerable relief in just one session, however, more complex longer-standing conditions naturally require more care. The course of treatment is dependent on the nature of the injury, the extent of damage, the number of affected areas, and the individual's response to treatment. However, in most cases, we expect to see significant progress in the treatment (3-4 visits). (Your treatment needs to be discussed individually and expected timeframe before any treatment begins.)

What Can I Expect of my First Consultation?
The first consultation with the chiropractor is a thorough 45-minute assessment to determine the nature and cause of your condition, and to ascertain whether chiropractic care is suitable for you. This involves taking details on your health and medical history, followed by a comprehensive physical examination to evaluate the area(s) of pain or dysfunction. Conventional orthopaedic, neurological and functional tests are used to localize the source of the pain and determine the underlying cause of the injury.

Once the diagnosis is made, the most suitable therapies will be chosen for your personalized treatment plan, and you will be given a reasonable estimate of the amount of treatment you will likely need. Unless more extensive medical testing is required, treatment can begin that day.

Are x-rays necessary before beginning chiropractic treatment?
For the majority of cases of neck and low back pain, x-rays are not necessary before beginning treatment. Unless your detailed case history points to a serious underlying complication, the exposure to x-ray radiation is not clinically warranted. Of course, in the event that further imaging is required, x-rays (or any other diagnostic testing) will be obtained.

If I Start Attending a Chiropractor, Will I Always Have to Keep Going?

No is the simple answer, but it depends on what type of care you want.

Several factors, such as the severity of the injury and how long it has been developing, need to be taken into consideration when determining each individual treatment plan. Furthermore, different people have different goals with regards to treatment. Some simply want relief from their pain and are satisfied with treatment once their symptoms have decreased.


Others, perhaps having suffered relapses in the past, want a more thorough correction of the underlying problem and realize the importance of rehabilitation, making changes to work routines, incorporating better health habits, and regular check-ups to prevent the initial problem from recurring. 


So whether you're simply looking for pain relief when a problem arises, or to more thoroughly address the underlying cause, we can help.

Do I Need to Wear Special Clothing?

There is no requirement for special clothing for the first consultation, and if required, gowns are provided for the physical examination. For subsequent visits, treatments can also usually be performed through normal clothing. Otherwise, patients will be advised of suitable clothing to wear or bring to the next visit, or they may avail of gowns provided.

Is it Expensive?

Several government studies have shown that chiropractic is not only very effective for the treatment of back and neck pain, but is also very cost-effective compared to other treatment approaches. And, our approach of combining chiropractic with other natural, effective therapies means that fewer treatments are usually needed, which keeps treatment costs lower for our patients. We also have reduced rates for seniors and students, and we are covered by private health insurers as we are members of the CAI (Chiropractic Association of Ireland).

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