Scoliosis is a progressive and abnormal lateral curve of the spine. The spine often curves "S" or "C" shape from side to side. Scoliosis is often found in adolescence and adolescence and is more common in girls, although boys can get it as well.


If scoliosis is left untreated, it can cause serious medical problems. Pain, stiffness and deformity of the spine can result. The vertebral column and the ribcage are connected and the abnormal curvature of the spine can change the position of the ribs which can lead in some extreme cases to pressure on the organs such as the heart.


What are the risks in case of severe scoliosis?


  1. Neurological disorders with nerve compression,

  2. arthritis,

  3. lung and heart problems,

  4. One shoulder higher than another,

  5. An uneven waistline,

  6. One shoulder protruding further than the other,

  7. Etc ...



A chiropractor can diagnose scoliosis and is specially trained to treat problems in the spine. They are able to accurately determine the extent of the condition.


If you have started an exercise and a chiropractic therapy program early enough, it is possible to slow down, stop, or even reverse the progression of the spinal curvature.

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