A chiropractor can also help maintain pelvic balance and alignment, which can help release the baby during childbirth.


There are a multitude of benefits that a mother can experience by choosing a chiropractor to accompany her in her pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Association lists the potential benefits of chiropractic care as:

Maintain a healthier pregnancy

Control of nausea symptoms

Reduce the labor time during childbirth.

Relieve low back pain

Prevent Potential Caesarean Section After Receiving Adjustments

Everyone knows that regular prenatal visits and good nutrition play a key role in a healthy pregnancy - but many do not realize that chiropractic treatment is a great addition to prenatal care. Gentle and non-invasive, chiropractic is a safe and effective form of prenatal care that can provide the mother with pain relief during pregnancy, can help position the baby in the uterus and can also help the mother in her pains postnatal.


Why should I consider chiropractic care during pregnancy?


The body goes through an incredible amount of physiological and endocrinological changes during and after pregnancy. As the body changes, the curve in the back increases, the abdomen protrudes, the ligaments relax and the pelvis changes, to name a few.


Regular chiropractic adjustments can help the body adapt to these changes and can treat common musculoskeletal symptoms.

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