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The world's population is aging, that's a certainty. According to an article in Harvard, in the United States, 3,000 people reach 65 years of age per day, and the number of older people is more than double the rate of the general population. But just because we're getting older, that does not mean we have to feel older. Chiropractic care is not only safe for the vast majority of seniors, it is also a completely appropriate medical treatment for the types of health problems that the aging population faces. Many changes occur as we age, our muscles, intervertebral discs, facet joints and ligaments become less hydrated, weaker and less able to withstand normal stresses.

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For many seniors, these changes can result in reduced pain and reduced fatigue and range of motion. In addition to suffering from chronic pain, seniors often become more vulnerable to injuries that their bones and joints may experience.They become more fragile and their balance and coordination begin to deteriorate. At least one in four people per year falls, which can worsen existing spinal injuries or create new ones.

What can chiropractic offer to older people?
First, it can provide a safe, non-surgical approach to spinal care, free of invasive procedures and potentially dangerous medications. Chiropractors use approved, gentle techniques, as well as stretching to realign subluxated joints and muscles. This reduces pain and helps restore flexibility and ease of movement.

A recent study compared two types of chiropractic manipulation in 240 men and women over the age of 55: low-amplitude, high-speed manipulations versus low-amplitude variable-amplitude manipulations. The researchers found that chiropractic techniques produce superior results in the relief of chronic lower back pain compared to traditional conservative medical care.

The researchers also concluded that both approaches (the first producing the "crunch" sound often heard during chiropractic manipulations, the second step) were also helpful. Even better, no adverse effects were recorded.

This study is important because it emphasizes that chiropractic care can be adapted to a certain extent to the age and preferences of each patient.

The situation of each individual is unique, and it is good to know that chiropractors and their patients (including the elderly) have a lot of choices when it comes to treatment. In addition, it is important to remember that chiropractic care is not limited to adjustments to the spine.

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