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A pediatric consultation aims to check the good neurological and articular development of your baby.

During childbirth, the latter can undergo real joint trauma. These lesions are often not detectable from birth because difficult to see.

These dysfunctions can eventually lead to organic disorders (colitis, regurgitation, etc), sleep disorders, infant torticollis or paralysis of the arm.

Mother Playing with Baby

The care of a baby is of course very different from that of an adult. By a work of very soft, painless and precise pressures, the chiropractor is able to detect and correct its lesions from the first days. In which cases to consult a chiropractor for his baby?

Here is a non-exhaustive list :


Frequent crying for no apparent reason, without you being able to calm him down.


Digestive Disorders



ENT Disorders (Otitis, Sinusitis, etc)


Torticolis of the infant

Preventive examination following a difficult delivery.

As a precaution, chiropractors recommend at least 1 session per trimester during the first year of the child for regular follow-up.

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