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Image by Giorgio Trovato


When someone experiences dizziness, also known as dizziness, we feel like we're losing control of everything, it's a very uncomfortable feeling, and the object closest to us is a lifesaver.


Dizziness is a common complaint, especially after trauma to the head and neck such as whiplash for example. There are a multitude of causes with most often a disorder of the inner ear or a joint dysfunction at the cervical level. This disorder can eventually cause nausea, vomiting and many other symptoms. The chiropractor is able to help you once all gravity diagnoses are dismissed. also reports that chiropractic manipulation can help resolve vertigo:

"Your chiropractor will use manipulation to target joints that do not move properly. In the upper neck, defective movement patterns create misinformation on the position of the body and the movement from the joints to the brain.This type of vertigo, called cervicogenic vertigo, can be aided by chiropractic manipulation."

Positioning Manoeuvres

The inner ear contains the vestibulo-cochlear system which plays a major role in the balance of the body. This complex system of fluid-filled tubes coated with capillary sensors provides information to the central nervous system on position and movement. In some individuals, otoliths can accumulate there, eventually leading to vertigo.


Your chiropractor knows exercises as well as movements to help you too. Thanks to science we know today that Tai Chi is a very good activity that plays a role in regulating your balance.


On the other hand, your chiropractor will take note of your diet and your daily habits to identify other causes of vertigo. Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and other substances that stimulate or depress the nervous system can become triggers.

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