Chiropractic & the wrist

The wrist is a very mobile area that we use all day and can be very busy with our daily activities. Tendinitis of the wrist can occur as a result of prolonged or repeated use of the joint. It can evolve from a simple discomfort to a disabling pain.

Tendinitis of the wrist is quite frequent and increased by the rhythm of certain professions. For a complete and adapted multidisciplinary management, chiropractic can help you to relieve tendinitis of the wrist.

The most common being the De Quervain tenosynovitis resulting in inflammation of the tendon sheath of the long abductor and short extensor muscles of the thumb.

What are the causes of wrist tendonitis?

• Microtrauma caused by repetitive gestures not adapted in the context of the professional activity, in everyday life, or during the practice of certain sports,

• An excess of tendon tenderness following a change of activity, or following a sudden and unadapted increase in sports performances,

• Direct trauma to the wrist causing stress and consequent inflammation of the tendon,

What are the symptoms of wrist tendinitis?

• Wrist pain, localized in the tendon area.

• Pain worse at night time

• Muscle weakness, see impossibility to perform certain movements

• Swelling (swelling) in front of the tendon, sometimes with a sensation of warmth and redness (characteristic signs of inflammation).

What management is indicated to relieve tendonitis of the wrist?

At first, the priority is to rest and avoid muscular and tendinous stress. Either by a decrease or a momentary stopping of the sport at the origin of the tendonitis, or if this one is in connection with the professional activity, by a correction of the ergonomics of the workstation: if you work in static position in front of a computer all day long, it will be essential to see the workstation again if you have wrist tendonitis.

Your doctor may also prescribe an orthosis to immobilize the wrist momentarily. The rest will relieve the inflammation, but it will be necessary to understand the origin of this tendonitis to avoid a recurrence.

Rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapist will then be advised, followed by chiropractic follow-up in complementarity of physiotherapy sessions.

How can chiropractic relieve tendonitis of the wrist?

The chiropractor can relieve tendonitis. For this, he will first learn about your reason for consultation in detail (age of pain, location, pace ...) and your profession, your ergonomics at work, your quality of professional and private life (sport, stress, sleep, lifestyle ...). These indications can direct it to the over-solicited areas and therefore to investigate in priority.

Your chiropractor will also give you advice about your physical activity, professional life, lifestyle to optimize healing. The treatment of tendonitis can be long and require several sessions. It is important to involve all health actors in multidisciplinary care for complementary and faster action.

Some tips to help relieve wrist tendinitis

• Sports activity, taking care to adapt the equipment, to warm up 15 to 30 minutes to prepare the muscle for the effort, and to adapt its sports program.

• Adapted lifestyle, particularly with regard to food. Indeed, your tendons need to be "fed" properly. You will therefore be advised to avoid excessive red meats, sodas, coffee, alcohol, dairy products, industrial foods, salt, white flour, and to favor foods rich in omega 3 (olive oil, walnut oil, fish fat like sardines, mackerel, salmon ...). Then, it will be necessary to think to well hydrate while drinking 1,5L of water a day between the meals.

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