Chiropractic & Pregnancy

The pregnant woman, undergoes profound changes on different levels: physical, psychological, hormonal. Her body will be transformed in order to best accommodate this child who will grow in it for nine months. The posture is considerably modified, and the functioning of the organs may be disturbed.

The so-called benign disorders of pregnancy and their causes:

These changes sometimes cause pain, called mild disorders of pregnancy.

These may be transitory disorders, such as nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are due to a temporary imbalance of the neurovegetative system. There is sometimes reflux or constipation, related to the discharge of the abdominal viscera by the expanding uterus. This last phenomenon, by compressing the diaphragm, is also at the origin of circulatory disorders (heavy legs) and the presence of certain contractions. Often, musculoskeletal disorders appear. They are caused by postural changes, hormonal secretions and sometimes harmful daily posture habits. They cause pain, especially in the lower back. Some pregnancies are still accompanied by symptoms concerning the nervous state: anxiety, stress, fatigue, irritability.

Why use an chiropractor for pregnancy monitor?

In addition to conventional medical monitoring, a specialist chiropractor for pregnant women is able to accompany changes in the body and relieve benign disorders that appear, respecting the new postural balance and the safety of the fetus. The consultation of chiropractic does not replace in any case a visit to the gynecologist, the midwife or the general practitioner.

Raising these tensions can therefore relieve the future mother, but also provide the fetus the necessary space for optimal growth and physiology. This is important because if the fetus is stressed due to a tension in the maternal body, it can be blocked in its mobility for several months and this can have repercussions on the shape of the baby's skull, for example.

It is ideal to have at least one chiropractic session during pregnancy. If there are difficulties, regular follow-up with a few extra sessions will be beneficial. Some pregnancies are not accompanied by any disorder, in which case a session of chiropractic is interesting in late pregnancy to prepare for the delivery.

What chiropractic treatment for pregnancy monitoring?

Through gentle and adapted techniques, based on a precise knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, chiropractic allows the body to better manage this new condition of pregnancy. Chiropractic not only works at the musculoskeletal level, but also at the functional level, which greatly helps the pregnant woman.

Prevention when possible, plan ahead: prepare your pregnancy upstream.

Communicate your desire for pregnancy to your doctor and chiropractor, especially if you suffer from urinary leakage or postural problems requiring the wearing of insoles. You can adapt your sports practice and your diet as soon as possible to live your pregnancy calmly.

Tips from an chiropractor in pregnancy monitoring In order to better support the sessions, it is important for the mother-to-be to adopt a good postural hygiene in general, at work and at home. Your therapists may also prescribe stretching and bodybuilding exercises to be done regularly. Very often, it is also recommended to maintain an adapted sport activity during pregnancy.

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