Chiropractic & Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a complex pain syndrome.

It is often referred to as a diagnosis of last resort, by elimination. Indeed, it is difficult to identify the cause and the mechanism of this "painful fibrosis of the muscles". Certain physiological factors (abnormalities of the nervous system, hormonal disturbances), genetic or traumatic, infectious antecedents are nevertheless evoked.

Manifestations and clinical signs of fibromyalgia:

The fibromyalgia patient has joint and muscular pain for at least 3 months on both sides of the body, felt in the form of cramps, burns or bites.

They are located at the base of the skull, along the neck, at the shoulders, between the shoulder blades, outside the elbows, down the back, at the hips, or within the knees.

Associated with these pains, there are other symptoms such as: fatigue, stiffness, tremors, headaches, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety and sometimes mood disorders or depression.

It is not a serious illness but a painful and debilitating disease. The chronicity of symptoms has repercussions on daily personal and professional activities.

Chiropractic management of fibromyalgia

We have mentioned previously, the mechanisms leading to this pain syndrome are obscure. A chiropractor will not cure your fibromyalgia. The goal will be to relieve symptoms and provide rules of hygiene for the pain and the management of these. Manual techniques on the musculoskeletal system, visceral and craniosacral will be recommended to act and reduce pain, sensitivity and fatigue.

The action on the neurovegetative system and more specifically the parasympathetic system will contribute to muscle relaxation, rest and recovery. We will insist on manual techniques called "soft" as opposed to joint manipulation of "cracking".

The chiropractor will approach the patient suffering from fibromyalgia with a multidisciplinary look. These same patients often suffer more from the lack of recognition and psychosomatic nature associated with fibromyalgia than from the other physical symptoms they experience. It is therefore essential to combine psychological or cognitive-behavioral management.

Advice and prevention of fibromyalgia

It is advisable to prevent fibromyalgia among others, to maintain the following efforts:

- maintain appropriate and regular physical activity

- Stretches, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong

- balanced diet and quality sleep

- information and support of family, friends and other patients (via associations of patients suffering from fibromyalgia)

- psychological support - relaxation, meditation, sophrology, balneotherapy, acupuncture

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