Stress, Burn-out & Chiropractic

Stress is an adaptation reaction of the body to maintain the balance of the inner state, therefore, it can be said that stress is beneficial! We talk about professional stress when an imbalance is perceived between what is required of the person and the resources available to him to meet these requirements. In addition, it is important to differentiate between "acute stress" and "chronic stress". In the first case, the effects of stress cease gradually, when this stress is perceived over time, it becomes a health risk. Chiropractic can provide concrete, fast and effective solutions to stress. Manifestations and clinical signs of stress in business Although stress is felt psychologically, it can also affect physical health. Let's discuss here the symptoms that can be encountered in the sphere of the mind. Following work stress, the following changes in mental health can occur: - cognitive responses: fatigue, attention disorders, perception and memory - emotional responses: irritability, nervousness, anxiety, depression, "burn-out" - behavioral reactions: aggressiveness, impulsivity Some risk factors may exacerbate or lessen the occurrence of these symptoms: age, gender, socio-cultural level, education, personality.

Chiropractic treatment of stress in companies

Stress can be understood as a dynamic interaction between an individual and his environment, and by the existence of an individual problem and the resulting emotional reactions. The therapeutic goal will be to modulate and prevent stressors related to the worker and his/her place of activity. Managing and fighting stress means being aware of the gap between our representations and reality. A chiropractor will obviously not be able to act alone, it is obvious that an analysis and a psychological management will be recommended in parallel of the chiropractic treatment.

The chiropractor will examine the right balance of the neuro-vegetative system and emphasize the stimulation of the parasympathetic system, which promotes the overall relaxation of the individual, both physiologically and psychologically. Examination of the craniosacral system and improvement of respiratory movements via the diaphragm muscle will be particularly sought after. The practitioner will also evaluate the posture, balance and movements of the body in order to bring overall well-being and a better awareness of the tensions operating in the patient.

Advice and prevention

- regain self-control and find your emotional balance

- act positively on his/her stress via his emotional intelligence

- reinforce one's awareness and self-control through breathing exercises

- maintain regular physical activity, and adopt a healthy lifestyle

- stimulating activities and strengthening the muscular and psychological relaxation: Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, sophrology, acupuncture ...

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